Friday, July 29, 2011

Sleeping Beauties

For the past two weeks, Jocelyn has taken over Suzanne's bed, booting her to the couch upstairs, and Rachel and Aubrey have booted Gray to the couch and taken over his bed. Each night I come to bed and see just the cutest sleeping girl, and hear two sets of snickering and giggles in the next room. At midnight, Jocelyn is fast asleep, and Rachel and Aubrey are just getting started for the night! Of course, they sleep in late the next morning!

One night Gray and I came downstairs and Jocelyn had fallen asleep with her pillow over her head--hilarious!

Sleeping with her stuffed animals and blankets.

Up late--playing DS, making bracelets, chatting and giggling!

Jocelyn also likes to wake everyone up in the morning. When she wakes up before me, she scoots over onto my bed and wakes me up! Very cute. Andrew and Jocelyn always like to wake up the sleeping people on the couches together.

Andrew and Landon, the youngest two, each have a porter crib in their parents room. Every morning Andrew comes running out and ROARS at everyone to wake them up and scare them.

Andrew and his cute PJs, and Evan.

What will we do when the house goes back to only 11 instead of 17?

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