Sunday, July 3, 2011

Evan's Blessing Day

Today at church Evan was blessed. Dad, Gray, my two cousins Austin and Jacob, and my Grandpa Gray were all family members that were able to stand in the circle for his blessing. Tim Trask, Bishop Ryan Phelps, Brother Chong, and Brother Erickson also stood in the circle. Dad gave Evan a name and a blessing, Evan Gray Kemmey. It was great, and I am so thankful for the priesthood that both my Dad and my older brother hold. Soon enough, Harrison will receive the Aaronic Priesthood (September!).

A lot of family came to help commemorate this day and to celebrate Evan. Mom's parents and two sisters came with their families. Dad's mom and my three cousins on my Dad's side came (Jacob, Daniel, and Jonah). It was so great to see them, and they all got to hold the baby. It was actually the first time Dad's mom had seen him, so it was very exciting. His family lives in Tennessee, six hours away. However, they are moving down to Texas at the end of the month for a year while my Aunt Tara is in a Master's program. Tomorrow will actually be the last time we see my older cousin Jacob for two years because on September 28th, he leaves for the MTC for his two year mission for our church in the Philippines. Very exciting!

Evan in his white blessing outfit

Love his little half-smile. So cute.

All of the family that was present for the blessing--missing two uncles and one aunt!

Mom and Dad and Evan

Gray, Dad, and Jacob were all able to stand in the circle in order to bless that baby!

Darling Grandma, Dad, and Evan

Grandma and her two eldest grandchildren!

Grandpa and Grandma Gray and Evan

Mom's family--Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Aunt Sheri, Aunt Amy

Aunt Amy and her family: Jared, Katelyn, and Lauren. Uncle Joe is deployed right now with the Navy!

Aunt Sheri and her family: Austin and Becca

Dad and his six sons

Mom and her six boys!

Three daughters and sisters

Very typical

Suzanne and Evan

Evan and me

Mom, Gray, and Evan. Gray is her oldest child, 19, and Evan is her youngest, 6 weeks. Crazy, but awesome!

Mom's very good college friend Michelle Smith came to Evan's blessing as well!

The most current family picture!

Today was fast and testimony meeting at our church and Harrison (11) bore his testimony. He said it perfectly--that we are so blessed as a family to have Evan here with us. He is such a cute and blessed addition to this family. And somehow, I am supposed to leave in August for weeks at a time for school.

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