Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is a rare thing when two families get along extremely well, when all of the children blend in together and love each other as if they themselves were siblings, and when the spouses get along so well with each other. Over the past four and a half years, we have really grown to know and love the Shields Family so much. After all of us spending a little over two weeks in the same house together, you all definitely become a huge, strong family.

Tonight we finally had to say goodbye (rather, see you later) to this awesome family as they prepare for a great three year adventure far away from us! I am so happy for their family and all of the fun things they will to experience! That said, we will miss them so much! They are at the airport now, boarding the plane. Mom sent a picture from her phone:

Seriously how cute is that family? Hoping that their plane ride goes well and quickly for them!!!

We snapped some last few pictures before they left for the airport. In the first picture, Suzanne was missing. In this picture, Gray and Evan are missing. So between the two, we have all the kids pictured... thirteen kids total!

I like to appear pretty tough, and I am definitely not a super emotional, crying person. However, as I said goodbye to those cute little kids and Leslie and John, I became one! Tears were shed by everyone, and we are both sad for them to be leaving but excited for their family. We love you guys!

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