Saturday, August 7, 2010

Werewolf and Karaoke

When our family gets together, we play two games that have become tradition: werewolf and karaoke. Werewolf we started I think just last year. We played it first just as our family, but when extended family came during Thanksgiving, we HAD to play. So, we were all looking forward to playing werewolf last week with the big kids (just a note--werewolf is very similar to mafia). Two nights last week, we played for hours sitting on the couches eating ice cream. What a blast.

Jacob and Breanne

Dad and Aunt Tara



Typical :)

Karaoke has been around in our family for a while. I think when I was 9 I played Karaoke for the first time on Playstation at my friend's house, and LOVED it. We got Karaoke games soon after, and love playing them. When we go to Maine to visit family, the games come with us. When family comes to visit us, Karaoke is waiting on the shelf. Many hilarious videos and pictures have resulted from Karaoke night. We play for fun, because the Kemmey's were, unfortunately, not blessed with awesome singing genes. It is quite a riot. We played Karaoke until 3 in the morning. I'm sure the neighbors were loving us :)

Breanne was hesitant at first, but she got into it!

Shoveling Brownie dessert

Singing along with the Karaokers


I love traditions :)

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