Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lake Anna

Last Tuesday as part of our little vacation we went to Lake Anna and took the little kids swimming. It actually wasn't the best lake day-there were lots of clouds and little sun. The kids loved the water, though (we had the Kemmey kids plus cousins). They splashed around and dug a little in the sand, but not much. Somehow we forgot to grab the sand toys. Of course, we also munched on cookies and chips and drinks. After a while we were all laying in the sand, and the little kids headed up to the park just a few feet away. Little did we know, Bryce would break his wrist, and our lake trip would end. It was a fun day and was good to have family with us!

Pre-broken wrist, of course!

Group Shot!

Cousin Jonah

Gray and Jacob threw kids in the water for a long time! Some of them flew both high and far! Too bad they weren't facing us!


Cute little Ryan


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