Sunday, August 1, 2010

Washington D.C. Temple

As part of our little "vacation" last week, we spent Wednesday at the national zoo and the temple. The zoo turned out to be a complete flop, as it was 100 degrees and everyone and their brother were there. Also, because it was so hot, none of the animals wanted to make an appearance. They were keeping cool in the back of their cages. So after two hours, we up and left, and headed to the temple.

While we were at the zoo, we ran into two LDS missionaries, who informed us that the temple was actually closed due to a large storm that had knocked out their power. We decided to go anyway, partly hoping it would be open, and because if it was closed, it would be perfect to take pictures. We had a good time, and my cousin's girlfriend visited the D.C. temple for the first time (although she's been to one in South Carolina). The temple is such a beautiful place.

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