Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heaven and Babies

"Hey mom, where do babies come from?"
"Ryan, they come from Heaven."
"Mom, how do you get to Heaven?"
"You have to die."
"How do you die, mom?"
"You can die lots of different ways. Some good, some bad."
"Well I wish you would die and go to Heaven and come back with a baby."
[conversation between 3-year old Ryan and mom]

"Megan and Gray, do you want the rest of this?"
"Mom, you need to eat that. You barely touched it."
"Yeah mom, don't you remember, you are eating for two. Feed that baby!"
[humorous conversation between Gray, Mom, and I at lunch one day]

Lately, there's been lots of talk about babies. No worries, mom is not pregnant, nor will be anytime soon. We all want mom to have another, but she is done. She and dad say the next kid will have to come from either Gray's family, or mine. Who knows. It has been 3 years since we've had a little baby in this house. Ryan grew up fast. In fact, we often question if he ever was a baby. That kid is way too smart. However, he wants a baby sibling. I guess he will just have to face disappointment.

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