Friday, February 12, 2010


I love little kids. I have ever since I was little, when I began dressing baby dolls, feeding them bottles, and changing their diapers (even applying diaper rash cream on their fake plastic butts). I have tons of opportunities to babysit. First, for my own family, of course. Second, for other families.

When I was in either the sixth or seventh grade (I can't remember), I had my mom put up a flier at work. She works on the labor and delivery floor, and knew most of the people there with children, and figured it would be okay. So my mom posted a babysitting flier up on her floor, and there began my great and wonderful "job". It didn't really do all that much. Only one or two families called me, but gradually, news spread.

I now babysit for tons of people, and I love it. I love little kids. I love having them help me make lunch and dinner, and think I am so cool because I am a teenager, and them helping me create cute little valentine hearts, and having them help me make pudding desserts. Plus, the pay is great, too. Most people either joke that I will have no kids, or lots of kids. Probably tons.

Little kids are the greatest.

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