Monday, May 21, 2007

SOL Month

I absolutely hate SOL month. Today everyone took the math 8 SOL, and so everyone that had already taken the geometry or algebra 1 SOL didn't have to take it. Instead, we had to go into the gym until testing was done so that we didn't "disturb the testing environment". At about 9:30, after the little kids had gone to school, I called mom using a cell phone in the gym. Our school has crappy service except for in the band room and in the bathrooms, so the first time I called, it didn't work, but the second time it did. I called and asked if she would pick me up since we were just staring at each other for three hours. Mom did and we went out to lunch together. It was fun.

My sisters took an SOL today. I have one on Wednesday, fun fun fun...

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