Friday, May 11, 2007


I seem to be bored a lot lately. In between school and home, there really isn't much to do. All the teachers are freaking out because of the SOL's coming up. I know I'm going to pass all of mine. Also, the are making us watch these gay videos on high school transitions. They're acting like high school is going to be so "scary" and that "we need to be prepared".

I can't wait till high school. Since I made it into Governor's School, it makes me one hundred times more excited. My best friend made it also, so that will be fun. My brother had to take an AP test today...hope he did well. He's stayed after school a bunch of times to study for it so he probably did well. I have a geometry SOL on Tuesday and my brother got a perfect 600 hundred on it last year, so I want to do the same. However, no matter how hard I try, I always miss one or two questions at the max.

My mom and I made these really cute clipboards this week for the elementary school teachers. You can see how to make them by going to and searching for "altered clipboards". They turned out really cute. I painted them, and Mom stayed up until one o' clock putting teacher quotes on the boards.

I didn't go to school today because my mom took my sister and I to some country store. It was pretty cool, I guess. At least it was better than sitting through boring class after boring class. School is just so boring, and my worst grade is a 97%, and that's geometry! All my other classes I have a minimum of a 99%. Anyway, my eight year old sister, three year old brother, and I all went with mom. The three year old saw a bunch of candy and junk and he was like, "Mom, look! We're going to need that!" It was pretty cute. The baby, however, screamed the whole way there and part of the way back.

Old Info:

My fifteen year old brother, Dad, and I were asked to thoroughly clean this one house so that it might sell easier, so we said we would. However, this wasn't the ordinary little dirt here, little dirt there house. This house was previously occupied by mice AND someone living in it. It was very gross! Anyway, there was mouse poop everywhere and so we were going to clean it. My dad estimated the job to take maybe ten hours at the most, so we went over there on Saturday and got started. We didn't make that much progress, so we hired my sisters as really cheap labor. We also went over Sunday afternoon, and after working for eight hours, we had only cleaned one and a half rooms. We were paying my eleven year old sister 4$ an hour and my eight year old sister 3$ and hour. We were only getting paid 400$, so after eight hours, we decided to fire my sisters. Anyway, the job is still not done, so guess what I'm doing this weekend.

Mom is now sleeping form her major lack of sleep. I'm starting to feel really tired myself, so I might just go take a nap or watch t.v. with my sister.

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