Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

For some reason, my mom despises Mother's Day. She thinks it is stupid that you would celebrate. Part of the reason is because in our church, they assign two people to speak on the topic of motherhood, and Mom would rather not hear about someone's mother and their "great deeds". Then, the men always give the moms a rose and some kind of cake or dessert. Mom is never in a good mood on the weekend of Mother's Day.

So my brother, dad, and I went out to get something for mom, and of course the fifteen year old brother had no clue what mom would want. We were in Target looking for the right thing, and so we went down the scrapbooking isle. Mom uses these little flowers in her pages, and she told me that eventually she wants every color. So I told my brother and he said: "Are you freakin' kidding me! These cost seven bucks for little decorative flowers? Obviously I'm going to be paying for the glass jar. I wanna see her using these!" Anyway, he bought two different colors for her.

Dad bought Mom an iHome for her ipod. I suppose she likes it and she said thanks and all, but that's it. We went to Best Buy to find it and shopping with dad is a nightmare! For Father's Day, I might just get him those things that jockeys put on the horses' eyes so that they can't see the other horses, that way Dad won't be able to see whats on the other isles.

I just got Mom shampoo, pens, peanut m&m's, and a frame. Next year, however, I might not even get anything because she hates the holiday, so why bother.

I am a little mad right now, so I'm leaving.

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