Friday, January 20, 2012

First Basketball Game

Since VCU is obviously big in the basketball department, I figured I should probably go to a game sometime during my time here. Last night VCU was playing William and Mary, and a bunch of us from the girl crew team went and watched. It was fun, loud, and full of VCU fans. The people in front of us really wanted VCU to win, that's for sure.

I've never been to a basketball game, and it was the first one a few of us going had been to. I heard that William and Mary wasn't very good, so we were going to beat them. The final score was 69 (VCU) to 68... so if W&M isn't that great, neither is VCU. It was still fun to go and do, and now I can say I've been to a VCU game.

Just one section of the cheering crowd.


Kavya and I at the game

One of the many, many time-outs/pauses... took forever for the first half to go by!

William and Mary's one and only black player on the team.

We started out pretty well, but quickly lost the little bit of a lead we had, and then had to fight to win, lol. I heard the ending was intense... Kavya and I left after half-time.

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