Thursday, July 22, 2010

False Illusion

Doesn't this lady look very sweet and innocent? Yep, that's my mom. Somedays this picture is a little bit off the mark. Like the other day for instance....

We were all sitting around during a typical day of the summer, watching t.v. and enjoying zero responsibilities. There were a few messes here and there, beds not made--the usual. My mom handles mess very well. I think when you have a family of ten, you just have to. BUT every once in a while she goes off. I'm talking off like a bomb. Tuesday she could not take any more of us kids being lazy and apathetic during the summer. She yelled for a little bit and decided it would be best if she just left. So she stormed out of the house, and went somewhere none of us knew.

Now, being the good kids we are, we didn't really care. We eventually decided to start picking things up and get moving. When mom came home she was in a much better mood.

Well, yesterday I figured out where she went and what she was doing the whole day when she was gone. Gray, Suzanne, and I were on the couch talking about movies when Gray said, "I really need to see Inception". Mom said, "Oh, that was a really good movie!" We all were like, "Mom when did you see that?" Turns out, when she needed a day off she headed to the movie theater. By herself. The only person in the row.

We were laughing so hard.

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