Monday, July 12, 2010

CBF Canoe Trip, Part 1

June 28th through July 3rd I went on a trip through the Commonwealth Governor's School and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. It was so amazing and I had such a great time. I'm going to split this trip into 2 posts, so here goes! Caution, long post :)

The first three days of the trip we were canoeing on the Rappahannock river. There were 19 people on the trip (14 kids, 3 CBF leaders, and 2 CGS teachers), so we had 9 canoes and a kayak. We distributed all of the things we would need for 3 days and 2 nights on the river, as well as our personal stuff, into the different canoes. We had 9 five gallon jugs of water, tents, food bins and coolers, cooking supplies, and our clothing and sleeping bags. We started at a place called Kelly's Ford and canoed for about 18 miles. We didn't know where we were camping each night when we started. When we found a good spot, we would stop and set up. I canoed with a girl from my site, Meghan McConnell, and we had a really good time. Because we hadn't had rain in a couple of weeks, the water level was very low and tons of rocks were exposed and canoes would get stuck constantly. All of us had to get out and walk our canoes at various points. However, Meghan and I figured out how to navigate our way through all of the rocks and how to avoid being stuck most of the time. It was a great feeling. On the second day of canoeing, the leaders would make our canoe start last out of the group, and without trying we would quickly end up in the front of the pack. Some people would get really frustrated, but both Meghan and I thought that going through the rocks was fun and more exciting. Regardless, we had a good time. I really enjoyed just camping anywhere randomly. It felt like really camping. We ate really well. Chicken fajitas, delicious meat sandwiches on REALLY good bread each day for lunch, kielbasa and beans and rice, bagels and cream cheese, poptarts, spaghetti. YUM. Wednesday was our last day canoeing, and we only went about 3 or 4 miles. After we were done, we pulled out. We had to haul our heavy canoes up a steep hill. It was probably the hardest thing we did all trip. Anyways, on Wednesday we went to Carl's ice cream and camped at the Virginia Outdoor Center. For the other days we were camping somewhere where we couldn't see or hear civilization. When we finally came back so close to all of our houses, it felt weird. As if we were supposed to be going home and ending the trip. We set up camp and relaxed for a while before we ate dinner with the director of Friends of the Rappahannock. The first three days were over, and we all were having a GREAT time!

Where we put in--Kelly's Ford

Me in my canoe

Our camping place the second night. We camped right in the confluence (where the Rapidan and the Rappahannock Rivers meet).

Some of us swimming in the Rappahannock.

Pulling a net in the river seeing what we can catch. We only got some shiners.

Eric, from CBF, catching a fish.

Meghan and I in our canoe.

The bus with our shoes from the river hanging out the window

I know this picture is sideways, but oh well. I just thought that I'd share that we had not used a toilet since Monday morning, and we saw this beauty on Wednesday afternoon. Yep, that means we were peeing and pooping in the woods. Jealous? I bet you are.

Next up, FOX ISLAND. More on that tomorrow.

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