Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nerf Guns

Virginia received a lot of snow this year. We had two major snow storms, and a few little ones. During the second week of having no school, Mom decided the little boys needed something to do other than play Wii and junk, and so she went to Walmart and bought little Nerf guns for $7. Mom didn't buy Gray or me any, and we just had to have one. We couldn't let those little boys shoot us and not have anything to retaliate with. So Gray and I headed to Target to search for the perfect Nerf Gun--and of course, it had to be bigger and better than all the others. After 25 minutes of pondering the Nerf Gun isle, we decided. $35 later, we each had a huge, powerful Nerf Gun.

Proud owners of N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire Cs-35

The package... 70 darts, bullet drum, scope, gun.
Assembling his gun.

Dad and Ryan are filled with envy.

Needless to say, victory was ours. Nobody could beat Gray and me with our new guns. Many Nerf Gun attacks were held over the next few days. Victory is sweet.

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