Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My mom first introduced me to blogs about three or four years ago, when I started my own. Now, I love reading other people's blogs. Here are some of my favorites I have found:

First, I found a blog called whatever... about a mother's daily life. Her name is Meg. Recently, she went on a mission trip to Africa. She seems like such a loving and humble person.

Second, Rachel's blog, Born & Raised in the Boondocks. Her roommate was in our ward at church, and so I just happened to click on her blog one time. Rachel seems like such a fun and cute girl and is very humorous! I love all of her pictures and stories!

Third, Danielle's, la la la. She is Rachel's older sister, and I also found her blog from a link. I also LOVE her blog. So cute and funny, and makes me super excited to go to college and enjoy life.

Fourth, Jess's blog The Macs. I think that this blog is more popular, but I still love it. About a year ago, the McClenahan's lost their baby girl, Cora, due to neuroblastoma (cancer) when she was only 11 months old. It was completely unexpected, and only a 17 day battle for life. Now, baby Levi has been brought into their world and family, and her blog continues to amaze me. She is filled with so much faith and courage, and still humbles herself in order to help many, many people.

There are tons of other great blogs that I read, and I should probably find some more "educational" and "constructive" blogs to read. Just listing some of my favorites.

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