Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dad's Are Always Right

Well, almost always. One of the things my dad hates is flip flops. He constantly says that the only places flip-flops should be worn are the beach and the pool. Like most girls do, I love flip flops; therefore, my wishes conflict with Dad's. I wear flip-flops all throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Because the weather was extremely nice the last week or so, I wore flip-flops to school on Monday.

Everything was going great until I arrived at school. Then, my friend Amanda reminded me that we had a lab in chemistry that involved strong acids and bases, and that if we did not have proper lab attire, we could not participate for safety reasons. Crap. I was really worried. I kept thinking over and over and over that I should have just listened to my dad all along. If only I had worn my white, closed toed shoes. But, too late for that. So I had a bright idea...

At first, I thought about putting plastic bags over my feet, which students have done in the past. However, since we were using strong acids, they could easily burn through the bag. Then, I thought some more and realized all the years of doing random things for my brother would come to pay off. I went and asked him if he would be willing to switch shoes with me for chemistry, and then we would switch back after my lab. He thought it completely disgusting, but complied.

I wore my brothers huge, year old, sweaty Sperry's while he wore my 3 sizes too small, not wide enough, noise making flip flops. Thank you Gray. You are a life saver. Next time when I decide to disregard my dad's wishes, I better make sure to double check my schedule.

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