Friday, January 22, 2010


For Young Mens/Young Womens combined activity this month, we came up with the idea to have karaoke. It was a great success, and I think everybody enjoyed themselves. With everyone's help, the activity was great. The Hubberts provided us with their huge t.v. and sound system to amplify the wonderful singers of the Fredericksburg ward. Everyone brought desserts for refreshments, and multiple people brought Karaoke games.

We ended up using Karaoke Revolution for Playstation 2, and everyone took turns singing. We have two microphones, so two people sang against each other and competed for the highest score! Very fun.

Here are some pictures of the night!

Group Shot.

Suzanne and Jordan

Our wonderful Young Women leaders.

Jordan. Isn't she cute?

The girls all decided to dress up as an '80s theme. Way cute.

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