Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You're an Idiot!

In my family, the little kids come to acquire a rather extensive vocabulary. Once somebody says something, it is bound to be repeated (which is one of the main reasons why secrets don't get shared often). This theory applies for everyone... even the two year old (Ryan). With the oldest, Gray, and his teenage vocabulary, family time can become quite hilarious, such as tonight.

All ten of us were in my mom and dad's room waiting to say prayers. Now, something you need to know about Ryan is that he is a major parrot. He usually annoys my brothers and sisters because he mimics them constantly. Gray tends to tease and play around with Ryan and say stuff like "Ryan's weird" and then Ryan will say back to him "Ryan's weird". So technically, Ryan hasn't grasped the concept of changing the name yet. He always calls himself stupid, weird, funny, dumb... you name it. However, tonight was most different.

While waiting to say prayers, Gray and Ryan got into one of their usual verbal contests. Tonight, Gray says "Ryan's and idiot." Ryan, finally, points his finger back at Gray (something my dad said came from mom's half of the gene pool) and says, "No, you're an idiot!". And of course, the whole family was rolling in laughter. I guess all it took was a two year old to finally humble by brother for a minute or two...

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