Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Yesterday was mother's day, as most people know. Usually mother's day goes something like this:

On Saturday night, mom usually begins to get frusterated with dad as he goes out to get a mother's day present at the last possible moment. So usually, all of us kids go to bed knowing that mom will wake up the following morning and be in a remotely bad mood. Sunday morning, she is very mad because she knows that "mother's day" is not really what one would call a day of for the moms. This is what she says each year: "Well, the mom still has to get up. Then she has to help get all of her kids ready for church that morning. At church we then have to listen to people talk about their old moms and their "legacies" and then the mothers receive dinky little roses. We come home and then we have to cook dinner. After dinner, what do we do? We put the little kids to bed and then clean up the mess from that day's craziness. So, you see, even though it is called a mother's day, it really isn't because the mom still does all the daily chores she usually does." So yes, this is how mother's day usually goes. A day full of bitterness, mostly from the mom's side.

However, much to our surprise, this year wasn't the same old routine. Mom actually didn't get mad this year. Yes, she did recite her famous speech listed above, but everyone expects that. It is now considered tradition in our family for mom to recite her speech, and if she doesn't the day is just not the same. Anyway, overall yesterday was okay, even though mother's day was the same old routine year after year.

So, now that we had one great mother's day, we are most likely destined to fifteen more years of retched ones. Who knows? We'll just have to wait and see next year...

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