Friday, June 8, 2007

School Dances

Yesterday was the last day of middle school for me! To celebrate, we had a formal dance for only eighth graders. Everyone dressed up in dresses and suits and danced the whole night-everyone but me. I just think it is wrong when the parents don't care the length of the girls' dresses. More than half were up high on their butts, and when they dance the fly up even more. Then the girls who had dresses that had no sleeves were pulling them up every three minutes. The dancing was a little inappropriate, also. Some girls had their butts all over some other guy and some guys had their hands where they shouldn't be. Nothing good can come out of that type of dancing. It was just really inappropriate and I didn't want to engage in it, so I didn't.

Now, I really will miss all my friends. One is moving to Japan, and the other two are going to a different high school than me. It will be kind of sad, but I'm not the type that cries at the drop of a hat like most girls. Everyone knows that those girls are going to go home and call each other, or get on the Internet to IM. I'm the person that can't wait till high school!

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