Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Most SPAtacular Party Ever!!!

One of the girls I sometimes babysit was having her tenth birthday party, and my sisters and I were invited. Her party was on June 15, but I was too busy to write then. I had heard about what they were going to do at the party whenever I came over to babysit, so I knew it was going to be awsome!!! Plus, the mom, Michelle, is a really creative party planner.

It started off by going to CiCi's Pizza in our pajamas. Even Michelle wore her pajamas! We ate pizza, and I was kind of just there to observe and watch so when I had a little girl I would be prepared! Anyway, Michelle had typed up a scavenger hunt for the girls to do while they ate. When we first got to CiCi's, the little girl's were divided up into to teams based on the fabric on these cute headbands Michelle made. You and you're teamates had to finish the scavenger hunt, and I checked them and made sure all the points were correct (which they weren't, so it is a good thing I checked). The two teams were stripes ad polka dots, and the striped team won.

We went back to Michelle's house were all the girls would be pampered. First, we all did the green facial masks that open up your pores or something like that. Once we had those on our faces, we laid in a circle and put cucumbers on our eyes. The cucumbers were suprisingly cold! Once we laid there and let all the women take pictures, we wiped it off our faces. Then, I helped with the foot spa thingy, which is like a pedicure foot bath. I was in charge off rinsing it out after each girl used it so nobody got athlete's foot or anything like that. All the girls paired up and did eaachother's fingernails and toenails. Michelle had one of her friends who does hair and massages and stuff come over so that all the girls could have their hair done really fancy. It took her a long time to finish all 15 girls, but they looked really cute. While the girls waited in line for their hair appointments, they got to make bath salts. It was a really cute idea, but by the tme it was all done, their was baking powder everywhere and the whole house smelled like a peppermint!

Of course, what would a party be without a few games?!? Michelle had a few games that were related to spas and beauty with little prizes you could win. The prizes were things such as lotion, combs, brushes, notepads, shampoo, etc...Also, she had goodies, sprite, friut, sponge cake, chocolate fondue, marshmallows, and grahm crackers instead of a huge cake. I was in charge of the fondue fountain because it wasn't working properly at first.

And to top it all off, she had to have the cutest little gift bags in the history of party gift bags!!! She sewed little bags that were in the shape of a lip using all different types of girly fabric. In the bags she had slippers, a stuffed animal, some lotion, and some candy. It was sooo.... cute. All the little girls kept saying how they wish they were still in school so they could brag about how good this party was and junk...

It truly was the most SPAtacular party EVER!!!!

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