Friday, April 27, 2007

Just Starting...

My mom just started her blog, so I thought I might give it a try. Like she said, there's ten of us, so life is a little more hectic than most. I'm the second oldest. A few things I like to do: writing, rag quilting, babysitting, and earning money. I don't enjoy cleaning, spending money, getting in troubel, etc...Some of the things we do are crazy, but we probably aren't the craziest family in the world.

The past couple of months I applied for a school program called Governor's School. It is a rigourous program for high school students. Anyway, we had to do this formal interview, and we are supposed to find out if we were accepted or rejected anyday now. I've been checking the mail daily and still nothing. My brother is in the program and he thinks it's pretty fun. I guess with me being the youger sibling, he sets the par, so I try and do a lot of things he does.

My mom and I made cinnamon rolls today (even though it's spring/summer) and I'm just waiting to eat one! They smell pretty good. Later tonight I'm gonna make a bread called Friendship Bread and the first time I read the recipie I was disgusted. The second line says "the fremented dough" or something like that. But then I went to babysit for one of my mom's friends and hers tasted really good. However, if the bread doesn't turn out right, we can always pitch it!

Tonight I'm babysitting because my mom is at work (can you imagine taking care of eight kids all day and then working part time) and my dad and brothers are going camping. Well, that's the cinnamon roll timer. Have to go try one!

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pretty darn cute babe