Sunday, December 20, 2015

Brain Fart

So last week or so mom texted me randomly and asked:

"Hey what's Nathan's birthday?"

...which is when I was thrown aback for a minute. Wait, could I really not remember my husband's birthday? I was with him that whole day... I was pretty sure it was August 3rd, but I wouldn't have bet my life on it. So I safely replied: "In August."

To which mom says: "Date? I knew that."

I quickly hopped onto my Facebook, remembering that I had posted a picture on Nathan's birthday, so I looked at the date I uploaded it. Yep, I was right. It was the third. "August 3rd lol. I had to double check. (insert crying-laughing face emoticons)"

So a few days later I was talking to Nathan and told him this little story, laughing at myself and my spacey brain. He laughed, but didn't say too much, so I asked him, "Wait. Babe, do you remember my birthday?"

"Yeah. It's in August."

"Yeah but what day?"

"The twelfth?" (I shake my head no) "The thirteenth?" (Still no) "I honestly can't remember."

"It's the sixteenth babe."

So we both laughed at ourselves. Honestly I'll probably remember his birthday from now on because of this little story, but thankfully, for Nathan's sake, he's got his electronic calendar and reminder.

Our little crazy relationship just makes me laugh.

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