Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Suzanne's off to Prom

Gray and I both skipped out on our high school proms. It definitely wasn't anything I was interested in going to. It nearly killed my Grandma, and she thought I was nuts. Gray didn't go to either of his high school proms, but then once he graduated high school he ended up going back to two proms, and that's a long story.

However, nobody ever had any doubt that Suzanne would be attending her high school proms. She is definitely much more of a social butterfly than the rest of us. In that way, we are definitely pretty different. Anyways, a few weeks ago she started dating a guy from school, Devon.

Prom is coming up at the end of April, so everyone is getting asked to prom and some people are trying to ask in cute and creative ways. Well, I think Devon did a pretty good job:

 She definitely thought so too. Pretty cute.

Let's just take a minute and zoom up on Devon. He is quite the stud:

Ladies and gentlemen, be careful who you send your selfies to.

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Suzanne said...

I think I just peed a little...hahaha