Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shopping with the Pops

This weekend I had to work here in Richmond, so instead of Mom picking me up on Friday like usual, Dad picked me up Saturday afternoon. I had an appointment with the Apple Store to have them fix my iPod, so we raced over there. After we were done, Dad wanted to do some shopping of his own.

Our first stop was to REI. Dad now has a few things on his wish list, that's for sure. About a year ago, I told Dad that when I graduated from undergrad, I wanted to take a month off of work/school and go hike part of the Appalachian Trail for a month. So that trip to REI definitely got me dreaming about that again. I will graduate about four years from now, so there is plenty of time. I'm sure some of the boys will want to go too. It will be awesome.

So the first store wasn't that odd. Just a good old outdoors store. Then Dad wanted to stop at an RV dealership.

Yep, that sounds exactly like my Dad.

For years now, Dad has wanted to take all of his family, shove us into an RV, and travel across the country. I think it would honestly be a lot of fun. I doubt some of my siblings would think the same thing, though. Anyways, Dad's looked at them on the internet, just day-dreaming, so he finally wanted to go in and look at one, just to look. Let me tell you, the guy really didn't want to give us the time-of-day. But, the RV's were pretty neat. It would be some seriously tight living quarters, that's for sure :)

 The RV guy that thought we were a little nuts, I'm sure. 

 Now I can say I've been RV shopping...

Just us with the RVs. 

When Mom picks me up from school, we race to get home and be off the highway. When Dad picks me up, we spend three hours day-dreaming and making plans for when we strike it rich one day. Just a little bit different :)

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