Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just showing my true colors...

So I got another job at the YMCA, working in their child-care center watching the little kiddos while the parents work out. In order to be employed, I had to have a background check and a drug screening done. The place that I had to closed at 4, and I got out of my lab at 3, so I was a bit in a rush. I forgot my wallet with my ID and insurance card in my room, so I had to run back there after lab really quickly. While I was in my room, I used the bathroom before heading out since I had to pee so badly--I hadn't peed since the morning. Relief, relief.

So I sped over to the building on my friend's bike, and my Mom calls as I am walking in asking what I was up to. "Nothing much, Mom, just getting this blood work done for the drug screening." That's when she decides to inform me that it's just a pee-in-a-cup deal, no blood work. WHAT? My bladder was absolutely empty. Didn't have to pee an ounce. Thanks for the heads up, Mom.

Maybe everyone else in the world knows about drug screenings. But hey, it was the first time I ever had to do one, and the paperwork that I had looked just like the blood work papers I have had several times. Also, it was as LabCorp, which is were I always go to get my blood taken. An honest mistake, really.

So I went immediately to the water fountain and I chugged three bottles of water in like fifteen minutes. Then they called me back. Awesome, I still didn't have to pee at all. My kidneys couldn't work that quickly! So I go back to the waiting room and drink four more full water bottles. Oh man, I was praying for those little kidneys of mine to kick it into high gear. Thankfully, after an hour at that stinking place, my little kidneys obliged, and the drug screening was over. Somewhat of a blonde moment, if you will. But you can be absolutely sure that I will never pee right before a drug screening again.

I walked out at almost 5, and even though I hadn't had time to eat since breakfast, my stomach was soooo full. There was a ridiculous amount of water in my body, and I was supposed to meet my friend Kavya at the gym at 6. I texted her and said, "Hey, I'm not making it to the gym at 6. I'll probably go around 8:30. I just chugged seven bottles of water in an hour and my stomach is so full I would barf."

I ended up peeing like five times last night. Thank you, little kidneys of mine.

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