Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Four Eyes

A few weeks ago Mom took Evan to get a pictures taken. As she was reviewing the pictures and having them printed, she realized that Evan's eye looked a little bit funny. We all called it his Lazy Eye, because it wasn't aligned with his other eye. Nobody else realized it except for Mom. So she got him into the doctor to check him out, and the pediatrician agreed and sent Mom and Dad and Evan on their way to the optometrist.


Evan had his appointment this morning, and he went with Dad. Mom was down in Richmond at a dentist appointment. Mom came over to campus to have some lunch with me, and so as we were sitting down to eat, Dad called multiple times to inform us about the appointment. Little Man has to get glasses! Turns out he is far sighted, which has made his one eye slightly weaker. The glasses will hopefully help to correct that eye and help him see better.

Although it would be awesome if Evan had 20/20 vision and his eyes were strong and saw everything crystal clear, I think glasses have so many pros to them. First, glasses on a little baby--adorable. This kid just gets cuter and cuter every day. Second, when you see a baby/toddler with glasses, don't you immediately  think GENIUS? Yes, you do. As if this kid wasn't smart enough already. We're just creating a little Einstein over here. Third, the glasses are supposed to help correct the problem, which is awesome, too.

So Evan had his little eyes dilated and everything today. Tonight Mom and he are going to go get some fresh new shades. We're going to have to start fighting off all the little baby ladies now.

UPDATE: Little Man found himself a nice pair of shades:

 And seriously? So cute.
I rest my case.

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