Friday, October 5, 2012

Update and Evan

Wow, it feels like forever since I've touched this blog. I got on the other night and didn't feel like figuring out the new blogger interface. Anyways, things have been moving along fairly quickly this semester--thankfully it is already October. Hopefully before I know it Christmas will be here and this semester will be behind me. It's a crazy one, that's for sure. I have all these science classes and then a philosophy class. I absolutely despise my philosophy class, but it's one of the required honors courses, so I'm glad it will be out of the way. My favorite class is probably actually organic chemistry this semester. For once it is a class that I really have to think and work in. We'll see how well I end up doing. I took my first exam in it on Monday, and I feel really good about it. Hopefully that translates into an A :) \

I'm still doing crew, and I love it even more than last year. Last semester my boat had difficulty getting a good, reliable line-up. This year I am so thankful to be in a pretty decent varsity boat. I'm loving the competitiveness we have and how each practice seems better than the last. We have our first regatta this weekend in Pennsylvania, and hopefully we will do well. I feel pretty good about what we've accomplished so far this semester.

When I signed up for all of my courses for this semester, I thought I might not have as much time to go home as often as I did last year--which was basically every weekend or every other weekend. Who was I kidding--I have been home every single weekend that I can. It definitely worked out that I ended up at a school only one hour away from home. Sometimes I have to go home and work, but most of the time I just head home and lounge around with the family.

So an update about the family: Harrison is now thirteen--he had his birthday last week. Mom had her 43rd birthday on the 15th, too. School seems to be going pretty well for all of the kids. Rachel is actually being home-schooled this year, and she seems to be doing really well. She is actually keeping a blog as part of her school work which is always fun to read. Gray is in his last semester of college, and will be graduate a year and a half early in December. Not only will he graduate, but he already has a job once he graduates. To say I'm insanely jealous is an understatement. Evan seems to be growing like a little weed, and is seriously so ridiculously cute. Always look forward to coming home and seeing him! He doesn't say many actual words, but he talks in his own little language all day long. I'm excited to see what he is thinking and saying when he actual transitions to using English! So far he says Mom, Dad, hot, uh-oh, and a few others. So cute.

 The boy eats all day long. He is a little garbage disposal.

 If he is hanging out in his diaper, he pulls on the edges and eventually his little butt crack starts to stick out. 

 A few weeks ago Dad and Gray finished building a table to seat 12 people. The built it from scratch, and it looks really nice. It definitely did not fit in the old dining room, so we rearranged the rooms a little. The old piano/computer room is now the dining room, and the old dining room is now the piano room and play room for all the babies hanging around the house. Mom pulled up Suzanne's old train table and trains, and Evan LOVES them. He will play with them for hours, and it is so funny. 

 Still looks cute with that little snot bubble. :)

 I love being on the older end of this big family of mine, and being able to see the younger guys grow up and develop into their own person. So fun watching Evan develop his own strong personality :)

 Don't be fooled by this picture. He really does not like to share his trains.

Early one morning. He clearly is in need of a hair cut :) When I pulled out the clippers to cut Gray's hair Evan was fascinated. We put the longest guard on and let Evan hold them. Mom still refuses to cut his locks, though!

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