Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the most delicious grapefruit

Last week while I was still in Florida, I bought a grapefruit. A giant grapefruit, at that. Right next to the hotel was this cute little fruit stand/store that sold only Florida Oranges and Grapefruits that were locally grown. They also had freshly squeezed Orange Juice that was so good, and I usually don't like juice! The grapefruits were so big, and just a dollar, so I got one to take home with me. Sunday I popped it in the fridge and ate it nice and cold that night and the next day!

Just a little size comparison... the grapefruit next to my retainer--a little gross, but it was all I had near!

So juicy!

On another note, today is the first official day of Spring! Thankfully the weather has been so nice--I hope it will stay just like this! The trees are all in bloom all around campus, and everything is becoming green once again! The little bit of spring right before the ridiculous heat of the summer hits is one of my favorite times of the year!

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