Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today Dad is celebrating the start of his 44th year--he's getting up there. I can't describe how grateful I am for the Dad I have, and I love him tons. Hope you have a great day--even though you have to go to work and do all the normal stuff that keeps the family going! Can't wait to come home this weekend to celebrate a little bit and just to enjoy being with the family! Hopefully tomorrow will be a great start to another year!

Some pictures of Dad during the last year:

Dad and all of his boys at Evan's blessing in June. Dad is a great example to all of the boys, especially as a priesthood leader in our home.

One good looking family headed by two awesome parents

Lighting fireworks with the little boys

Dad with the Shields family before they left for Germany. Dad and John became good friends, and you wouldn't believe how many nights they sat and played a card game called Magic the Gathering before John left.

Me, Rachel, and Dad celebrating Rachel's birthday.

Dad loves his electronics. Can't wait until I join the iPhone club along with them.

Evan and Dad

Dad with Kyan, showing him how to fix a part of the computer--one of Dad's best talents :) I inherited zero of his computer skills...

Dad's a great dancer, too. He can crush on Dance Central, that's for sure.

Dad with my Grandma and Aunt Tara

Acting as doctor with Gray's sliced thumb

Helping me figure out the homemade pies for Thanksgiving Dinner

Playing Magic the Gathering--a lot of time spent doing this!

Playing Nertz... my current favorite game. Dad is ridiculously good at this game. And fast. Give me a little more practice, though... I'll catch up. After all Dad's been playing this game since Gray, Suzanne, and I were tots.

Dad and Mom visiting Mom's mom in the hospital--she's had quite the stay there this year!

Happy Birthday :)
Love ya!

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Whit said...

Thanks, Megan. Love you tons.