Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where on Earth

Has the time gone? Really. Ever since school started up again, I rarely ever find time to update this thing. I didn't even pop in to say happy birthday to my mom or harrison on this thing. I am a slacker.

Recently, mom turned 41. FOURTY ONE. Dang, she is old ;). Harrison turned eleven. Suzanne's birthday is this week. Crazy. School is crazy too. I am tired of school and really want this year to be over. Fast forward, please? Thanks.

However, it is fall. I LOVE fall. My favorite. Too bad it doesn't last very long at all. Leaves are changing, it is pouring rain (bleck), and the temperatures are dropping. I love fall colors and smells.

Anyways. Hope you enjoyed this ramble-fest. It successfully distracted me from doing homework for a few minutes.

Oh hey. Here's a cool blog I found. Love it.
Check it out, folks.

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