Monday, June 21, 2010


In a few hours, I am leaving for Girl's Camp, an annual camp for 12-18 year old girls that is a part of the Young Women's Program of my church. It is awesome. One of the best weeks of the summer I have.

This year I am going to be a 4th year Youth Camp Leader. I am pretty excited. I get to go on the 4th year adventure activity, which is a separate camp and hiking trip (and tubing!). Then on Wednesday we are meeting up with all of the other girls at camp and finishing there.

So I will be taking a leave of absence :) But no worries, there are a few scheduled posts to enjoy that I figured I could catch up on. I am off to enjoy nasty bathrooms, gross cabins, sweat, stink, bugs, and so much FUN!! It is seriously a good thing I LOVE camping.

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