Thursday, June 24, 2010

A's Pay

Education has always been something my parents have really pushed in all of our lives. They expect the best out of us. My dad is crazy smart, and his good genes and parenting have affected all of his kids. All of us usually get straight A's on our report cards. My mom recently discovered that for every A you get on a report card, Krispy Kreme doughnuts gives you a free doughnut. Yum. Of course, we had to go.

All of us kids got our doughnuts, totaling 26 free doughnuts for 5 kids (The maximum is 6 doughnuts per kid, and you only get them for your Math, English, History, and Science classes). Ryan had a good time, even though he didn't have a report card.

Rachel and Ryan chowing down.

My doughnuts. I only got four, because I only have four core classes (but I did get all A's)!

Kiddos (minus Gray and Harrison) with our doughnuts.

What a delicious start to the summer!

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{Shields Family} said...

Isn't that awesome that Krispy Kreme does that for grades? Looks like you guys had fun! :) I heard about them doing that too and took Aubrey to cash her grades in on Saturday.