Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ollie Girl at 2 Months!

Ollie girl is two months old today! Just in the last week she has changed SO much and has become so much more interactive. I just love being her mom and I cannot believe how fast she is changing and growing. Last week I went back to school to finish up my last semester, and Ollie has been pretty flexible with our crazy schedules. It hasn't been fun leaving my little sidekick behind, but it's definitely easier knowing that she's either with my mom (and quite a few over-loving uncles) or with her dad.

We tried to take her "2-Month" Photo--well, we already forgot to do 1-month. Then Nate took all the photos and we realized we forgot the stupid sticker. By the time we remembered, she was maxed out and fell asleep two seconds after this picture. Maybe the 3-month picture will turn out how we plan :)

Right now I'd define her as pretty much a grump still. She doesn't scowl quite as much as she did the first month of her little life. She relaxes her face more, and has started to smile at us. She and I have little conversations all day long, too. She LOVES to look at all the light fixtures on the ceilings, and she has started to notice the television. Sometimes we watch Moana music videos on YouTube, which she loves. She sleeps on her tummy, back, sides--pretty much any way--and sleeps about 4-5 hours at a time at night. She definitely recognizes Nathan and I, which is such a neat feeling. We love our girl, can't believe how fast time is flying, and yet are so excited to keep watching her grow!

 Ollie loves her dad! This is one of my favorite pictures--the two hands wrapped around his fingers! 

 Ollie has been to a few of Grandpa's college classes. She is the smartest one in class. 

She still doesn't like her carseat. The car has to moving for her to calm down, and as soon as you put her carseat down, she wakes up! 

 She loves to sleep on her daddy! 

 And she loves to eat with her momma. I really do love breastfeeding her. 

 She loves her sleep, hates for it to be interrupted, and can fall asleep pretty much anywhere still. When she wakes up, she goes through a ridiculous, dramatic routine of grunts and stretches and cries. 

She slowly started to smile at us! It went from this above... 

 ...to this! Just this morning I had her smiling at me a ton before I left for school. She must've known I needed a few smiles to get me through the day. 

Her favorite place to sleep is mom and dad's bed. She sleeps right in the middle/all over her dad's side. Mostly this is mom's fault. She actually sleeps in the bassinet pretty well sometimes, but sometimes I'm just to tired to deal with the hassle. 

 Love her big, alert eyes. 

And last, Rohan is starting to enjoy her just a little bit more each day. I think they will be pretty good playmates soon enough. 

Oh man we sure love our girl. We're excited about how much she's growing and developing, excited to see her personality start to show, and we can't believe she's not our little newborn anymore. 

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