Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Seriously Decreased Enthusiasm

Classes officially ended yesterday. Folks, I sat through my last college class for two years yesterday. Now I just have to make it through these next two days studying the crap out of organic chemistry in hopes to make an A. My final is Friday morning at 9am, so as soon as that is over I will be done worrying about school :) I have two nursing finals next week, but I know I'll do fine on those ones!

This semester both seems to have really drug on and also flown by super quickly. It has seemed to fly by whenever I've looked at the missionary countdown on my computer and see that I only have so many days left before I am in Chile. When I'm in classes and working through exams and papers and labs, it seems like it will be forever before I am in Chile. To say my enthusiasm towards school has seriously decreased would be one hundred percent accurate. I called Dad last night and he said he knew that would happen. Ha. Yeah, something about moving to another country in just about a month and living there for eighteen months not having to worry about homework, lab reports, papers, exams, etc, makes school just seem that much more frustrating. At this point, I'm just ready to be in Chile.

My room is completely pack up, and has been for almost a week. I still have a week left in this room.
I'm ready to be home and away from Richmond.
And I am almost ready to head to Chile.

Struggling through to the end.....

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