Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Movin' Out.

I moved out this morning from my beloved bedroom that I have shared with Suzanne for years into a dorm room all by myself. Please enjoy this tour:

My bed: If college is anything like high school was for me, I will spend a lot of time in this bed; however, I won't be sleeping, I will be reading/working/surfing the internet/studying/procrastinating/etc... Zee and Sanjay gave the bedding to me for graduation, and I love it! Love them!

Here lies a super comfortable mushroom chair that my friend Katelyn got for me :) She is the best! It fits in my room perfectly!

My desk: cup of pens and pencils, cute little tile, Savior, the family, alarm clock, cell, and post it note of everything I forgot so far (hamper, most importantly!).

To the left of my desk I have my school supplies in that green bag (binders, paper, and folders), a trash bin, laptop case, and a floor lamp.

Closet: Clothes and shoes with some extra sheets and my iron and camera!

Some decorations

Ah, my food. PB&J, oatmeal, trail mix, crackers :)

Fridge, Microwave, and Printer set up! Thanks Dad!

Under the Bed: My suitcase for going home :) and my water bottles

Church basket: Scriptures, personal progress I quickly need to finish, journal, etc...

I'm pretty lucky, because not only do I have my OWN dorm, I have my own bathroom too. Welcome (virtually, of course):

My sink: The mirror is a big medicine cabinet, so I put junk in there I use often. My Aunt had the awesome idea to get the 3 drawer cart for makeup/hair junk/toiletries and it fits right under the sink perfectly! Great idea! There is also a bucket of cleaning junk under there, and since I forgot a hamper, that little tiny thing is holding my dirty clothes right now. It will be overflowing by tomorrow, ha.

Mirror/Medicine Cabinet

My very own shower :) I have NEVER had this, being one of nine!

Purple towels

Old hospital toilet :)

The view of the bathroom from right outside the door.

It's exciting, but I am going home over Labor Day Weekend :)
Way excited for that!

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