Thursday, November 5, 2009

Copy Cat

My new goal is to write on this blog at least once a week. It is very hard to keep up with, but I'm going to try (again). Today I am just stealing an idea from another blog, because I thought it was way cute, and a good way to fill in the gaps since I last posted.

Current Books: The school year is now back up and in full swing, a quarter of the way done. Therefore, I really don't have much time to be reading for pleasure. I wish I could, but there is no time. Right now the focus is on English books.

Current Songs: I like music, but I'm not a huge avid fan of it. Lately, the newest additions to my playlist are the soundtrack from "Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog", Fireflies (which is a completely random song, and makes no sense to me at all, but I still like it), and Paparazzi. Nothing big, just a few.

Current Drink: It is fall. Therefore, it is getting colder. And soon it will be winter. Thus, hot chocolate is the drink for me. I love it, and I can drink it all year round. Mmm... thank you Sister Joy Phelps, who makes hot chocolate for us on those freezing cold seminary mornings. Yum.

Current Food: There are these super delicious drop cookies that I love called spiders. You just melt butterscotch and semi-sweet chocolate chips together, and then mix in chow mien noodles... delicious. They taste so good. I love them. Oh, I also love Brach's Cinnamon Hard Candies. Simply Delicious.

Current Favorite Show(s): The Biggest Loser. Duh. I love Tracey, even though she is crazy and I was so sad when she went home. I don't really like Liz. Daniel was annoying me when he wasn't loosing any weight, but he just lost 11 pounds! And I don't really like Amanda. I hope Ruddee wins. He is a beast. Also, I was the happiest person because Cake Boss and The Little Couple just came back on! Season 2! I love Cake Boss, and I wish I could make awesome cakes that light up and move like he does, but lets face it--that would NEVER happen.

Biggest Current Wish: Right now I really am wishing for two things. One, I want to redo my room, but I do not have the time. Two, I wish high school was over, and I wish I was in the college of my dreams on a full ride scholarship.

Current Triumphs: AP Music Theory. For someone who has basically no musical talent/training, except for the few years of forced piano as a youngster, music theory is not the easiest class. Especially when it comes to interval ear training, sight singing, inversions, etc. But, I have a 100% average in that class, I am proud to say. Go me.

Current Bane of My Existence: Procrastination. Without any shadow of a doubt, it is procrastination. I am the worst procrastinator anyone could probably ever meet in their entire life. But hey, I work really really well under lots of pressure. I think I get that quality from my pops.

Current Outfit: Bright neon orange guy's gym shorts and a white and blue EFY 2009 t-shirt. Yep, I've got great fashion sense. Super cute.

Current Blessings: My family and my education. Not having a boyfriend I consider a huge, wonderful blessing. I am so sorry to those high school girls who feel they need to have a boyfriend or else their whole entire world and social status is ruined.

Current Excitement: Tomorrow is Friday. There is a temple trip on Saturday morning. Next Saturday is the youth dance. And soon Thanksgiving will be here, which also mean BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. I'm saving my money :)

Current Goals and Desires: So many. Right now I want to make it through high school, keeping my class rank in the top 5. Right now I am number four, and hopefully by the end of this year it will increase. Who knows. Be accepted into the college of my dreams (which I am not really sure of right now) and study what I am most passionate about, most likely the medical field. I'd like to go on an LDS mission. Someplace foreign would be super I think, but anywhere is good. I want to be able to take great pictures. I want to eventually have a caring and loving husband and many, many wonderful kids. But not soon... don't worry. Education first.

Current Favorite Online Thing: Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. It's on HULU.COM. Go check it out. It's basically awesome.

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