Saturday, July 28, 2007


I have babysat a lot of times, but tonight was my craziest experience EVER!!! One of my friends was having a family reunion and the adults were going out to dinner, so my friend Erin, my sister, and I babysat all of the cousins (there were fourteen of them).

In the beginning we were all painting a background for a talent show we would later have. The two year old then decided that she needed a makeover, and got paint all over herself! Erin and my sister bathed her while I took care of the rest of the kids. They had dessert, and the four year old kept spilling her ice cream-what a sticky mess!

After the two year old got bathed, we split the older kids and younger kids up to practice for the talent show. Erin and I were teaching the younger ones the song "Baby Bumblebee". Then my sister called me into the older group. One of the boys was coughing like crazy and ended up puking his guts out. Of course, if my sister or Erin handeled puke, there would be a bigger mess, so I took care of that (YUCK!).

When we figured out that the boy was sick, we settled everyone down to watch a movie, and two seconds later one of the baby twins woke up. She was screaming for twenty minutes!!! Finally the parents got home and it was all good, but still the craziest babysitting I've ever done!

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